Band-aid Directive

I probably use one or two band-aids a week. Pretty band-aid + Neosporin = quick way to feel better.


I was thinking the other day that the simple act of picking out a band-aid, pulling it out of it’s sleeve, slapping it on—almost a ceremony—leaves me feeling better. And there’s a knowing. I know if I have a cut on my finger that as soon as I put a band-aid on I will feel better. And sometimes I’ll go all day without one, but I’ll look at the little cut when it catches my attention, and wonder why I haven’t gone and put on a band-aid.

This directive is based on all of that. If you have a hurt, physical or emotional, try putting a band-aid on it. When my feelings get hurt I feel it in my throat; that choked up, kind of painful, I-want-to-clear-my-throat feeling.

This is the idea. Draw the part of your body in which you are feeling the pain. Add a band-aid. Choose a color for everything you want to put on your wound: Love, Healing, Compassion, Caring, Speed. What words will you come up with to heal your own hurts?

Band-aid Directive
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  1. Paper
  2. Pen or pencil
  3. Color
  1. Draw the place on your body that hurts.
  2. Draw a band-aid on that spot.
  3. Choose the good things you think will make your hurt feel better.
  4. Choose a color for each good thing.
  5. Color!
Melissa Fannin

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