Band-aid Directive

I probably use one or two band-aids a week. Pretty band-aid + Neosporin = quick way to feel better.


I was thinking the other day that the simple act of picking out a band-aid, pulling it out of it’s sleeve, slapping it on—almost a ceremony—leaves me feeling better. And there’s a knowing. I know if I have a cut on my finger that as soon as I put a band-aid on I will feel better. And sometimes I’ll go all day without one, but I’ll look at the little cut when it catches my attention, and wonder why I haven’t gone and put on a band-aid.
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Jealousy (and a know thyself art therapy directive)

I have jealousy on my mind. What is it? Why do we feel it? What’s the message?

Jealousy, by definition, is the fear that someone else will take what you perceive to be yours—you feel jealous when an attractive (better), powerful (better), amazing (better) person is talking to your significant other.

I know the feeling. It sucks. It’s fear and anxiety. Anger, to try to fend off the fear and anxiety. There is certainly a feeling of crazy. Pain, hurt, doom, those come to mind as well. And physically I feel jealousy right in the pit of my stomach. Where it likes to punch me until I feel like even more of an idiot.

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I told a story recently about yoga experience that involved a guided meditation. Quick summary: it involved talking to my baby boy, Liam, who passed away in 2005, and some crying. It was, very simply, a healing experience.

What I also mentioned back in that post, somewhat shamefully, is that I watch Grey’s Anatomy. But more importantly it’s that I cry—a lot—while watching Grey’s Anatomy. Over the last couple-few weeks it’s come into my awareness that maybe I count on this show to do this thing for me. Maybe. This is what’s really interesting, though, ever since my guided-meditation-yoga-experience (that’s a bunch of episodes) I haven’t cried during the show.
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Welcome Spring!
Spring mandala. Don’t think, just do. Paper, circle, paint/color/draw:

I like to think of spring as our reward after the long, cold winter. It’s my favorite season. I love the geese, the first cardinal, hanging clothes on the line, hands in the dirt, crocus shoots.

Speaking of hands in the dirt. Do you garden?
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Altered Book

altered book The altered book directive. What you need: one (1) book, art supplies, your imagination. altered bookI love altering a book. I find it entirely relaxing to cut out a bunch of pictures in order to make new pictures. altered bookIt can also work as a journal, a sketchbook, an art journal, a cookbook, a pop-up book, a children’s book, an erotic book, a comic book. You get it. Lots of things.altered book I find that I like to doodle in mine when I’m working out my thoughts on something else. It sort of helps me clear out. altered book It could just as easily be made with a specific intention, though. Like what? Like, well, what’s up with you right now? Personally, I could create a book around food and health–healthy food, healthy babies, feeling crazy because I’m trying to be healthy, feeling judgmental about health, feeling exhausted by it…that’s a good start. altered book I might have to create that book. What is on your mind? A lot? Make an altered book about it.

Mindfulness :: Scribble Directive

The Scribble Directive. I used paper, a pen, and water colors.


Okay, I can’t take credit for the actual scribble, that was done by the little person that snuck into some of the pictures. The Scribble Directive is great for practicing mindfulness. It’s great if your working on living in the here and now. It’s great if you want to paint something. Here’s how this went for me this morning:

Find scribble (you can make your own).

Practice breathing while child joins in on the action (take notes on how child stays in the moment).

Add paint.
As you can see this is simple stuff. Paper and paint. Some inspiration from the bluff I can see out of my window. This is about movement, clearing out the brain, and simply allowing whatever wants to happen happen.


As ever, check out what’s happening through the process. Be an observer of your thoughts. See if you can stay in the present. When thoughts creep in you can acknowledge them and then simply ask them to leave. Practice being here now.

Art Therapy Directive: Collage

I’ve been feeling unsure lately. Unsure of my direction…in my profession/in my future/as a mother/as a provider/as a person who needs to repay a pile of student loans. It gets confusing. I find myself out of balance and anxious. Sitting in my office today I was digging through some blogs, trying to figure out my blogging bend, trying to figure out how to make money, and I was feeling lost. So I thought I’d try some art therapy (strangely it was a light bulb moment–even though this is what I do). I decided to find some clarity. Collage style.


I started by setting an intention. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and repeated clarity a few times in my head. Then I wrote it down on my paper…not necessary, but I felt like I needed it to keep on task.


Creating a collage I often pick images that grab my attention. I try not to question it.


But I find myself going, “geesh, what the heck is this about?”, “Don’t put that in there, what will people think?” And I remind myself it’s the process. I take another breath.


In a really interesting coincidence, this story was being shared on the radio as I was typing this up. I’ll include a link to the audio as soon as WPR gets it up! And it’s up: listen here. It’s about working women slowing down and stepping back.

So how do I feel now? Better. My final image has given me some insight to my priorities. I also feel a sense of confidence in what I’ve been doing professionally and on the home front. I feel grounded, I’d say, overall.

Scribble–Art Therapy Directive

The scribble art therapy directive is a nice way to let your brain relax and simply allow things to happen. All you need is paper and scribbling utensils of your liking.


Step 1: Scribble


Step 2: Check out your scribble. What do you see? Is anything in there? Does anything want to emerge?


Keep going!


And going…


And that’s it! Really. It’s simple and relaxing and might point to something that’s been on your mind, known or unknown. I created this while listening to a story about living on a boat house in Miami. And I’ve been wishing I was far away from this polar vortex…