What I’m Working On: Metal


I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have myself some creative thinking time. I’m not fully awake, but I love this time for working on ideas–sometimes I ask for inspiration to hit me. It’s fun. And it’s an altered state that allows me to think in a different way.


I often do not remember what it was I was thinking about the next morning, but in the moment I love to do it and it feels more productive than simply cursing my awakeness. The other night it struck me that I should make earrings in a certain hoopy way…and that I should twist the metal to get a cool corkscrew effect.


My corkscrew plan didn’t work out…looks more like a metal origami sculpture gone wrong. That’s okay, something to work on. I wish you could see how cool it looks in my head! I did, however, end up making these:


And I’m delighted. I’ve been thinking of Johnny Depp and pirates ever since! If you’re interested in jewelry therapy contact me and we’ll chat.

What I’m Working On: Earrings


I made these sweet little earrings the other day. Kind of leafy. Kind of springy. I actually got some of that interesting texture in there by hammering 60 grit sandpaper right into the metal.


Did you know that March is craft month? Apparently it is because someone out there said so. Good job, someone. Let’s go make something crafty.

What I’m Working On: Dishcloths (yeah, I know (part 2))


I’m still knitting dishcloths late at night…because I’ve been watching House of Cards late at night. Let’s talk about House of Cards for a second. Holy crap. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about life in and around the White House–but mostly it’s about power. POWER. And it’s totally wild, to me at least, because I don’t necessarily desire power. Control, perhaps, at times…

So I knit dishcloths while I watch and wonder why I never had these aspirations. Then I second guess myself for a while (because it’s a good show) and then I slip back into feeling contented by dishcloths. Notice I found some orange and blue scraps? Yep, that happened.


I changed my pattern from the original that I posted over here. They are now more square and less rectangular. Otherwise still simple and functional.

What I’m Working On: Painting (part 2)


I spent a few minutes painting with this woman yesterday. I have this strong desire to call her “Knitty,” so I think I’m going to go with. Introducing: Knitty.


The details will unfold. The weather is changing–so that may come through–who knows? Spring in Wisconsin makes me think of tulips and pink trees. I love you spring in Wisconsin! To see where this all started go here.

What I’m Working On: Painting


I haven’t painted in a long time. Could it be years? This new office is inspiring and encouraging…so the paint is coming out.


There’s no plan here. I just kind of let something come out and this winter snowy woman emerged. And now she’s growing knitting needles for fingers. It may even end up with some real knitting coming off of the canvas.


She makes me think about what life would be like if we were born with our life’s task (destiny/what have you) so obviously displayed on our bodies. What would that be like? There’d probably be a period of denial. A time spent finding new tasks for knitting needles. Perhaps an attempt to remove them. But then there’s always that coming home. The acceptance and full on embrace of one’s own skill.

That’s what’s been on my mind (:

What I’m Working On: My hat


Just before we moved here, to Madison from mild Eugene, Oregon, I accidentally felted my stocking cap in the laundry. It looks really cute now…for a toddler. I started this hat before we left and finally just picked it up again last night. Funny, kind of, because it has been C O L D!

Now, I am happy happy happy to say that my hat is complete and atop my head where it will keep precious heat on my head. I heard recently, on a radio program I think, that humans do not actually lose more heat from their heads. We lose the same amount of heat from all of our parts. Football players just look really impressive with their steamy heads in the winter (at least that’s the image that comes to my mind).


Anywho. The hat is all complete and cozy and helping me to feel all sorts of good. I really like all of those things! This is a great pattern. You can make it too, if you’d like, right here. Happy creating!

What I’m Working On: Earrings in my New Office


I’m very excited to be getting comfortable in my new office. I now have space for my jewelry work bench, drafting table, and all purpose (sewing) table. Today I told myself to put some things up on the wall, but instead I went ahead and made a pair of earrings.


I love earrings. They’re my favorite accessory. They make me feel good. I love my office. I now have a space that is dedicated to my creative whims and is also a space for clients to participate in their own. It’s very exciting.



You can participate in jewelry therapy or a variety of other art therapies with me. Feel free to contact me to find out more!

What I’m Working On: Dishcloths

dish cloth

I do a bit of knitting. And, believe it or not, when the more complicated knitting projects start to lose me–when I don’t want to count or look at a pattern or worry about mistakes–this is where I go. Dishcloths. Useful. Easy.

dish cloth

Gives me plenty to do while watching Downton. I don’t even like washing dishes, but this project will not only wash said dishes, but bring me joy when I pull it out of the drawer for use. It’s that good to me.

dish cloth

What you need:

1 skein Lily Sugar ‘n Cream in white

US #7 straight knitting needles

Finished Size:

Approximately 7×7 inches

What you need to do:

CO 32 stitches. *Knit* to end of row.

Repeat first row until piece measures 7 inches or your desired length.

Bind off. Weave in ends.

Wash dishes.


Want more? Check out part 2!



What I’m Working On: Knitted Hats (part 2a)

knit hatsTa da!! One hat done. I actually intended this hat for the 6 month old, but it was too big. Not too big for a two year old, however.
knit hats
I made a pretty obvious mistake on this one. Er, well, obvious to me (you can (kind of) see it in the first photo, front and center), but I didn’t pull it all out because I was lazy (?) or in a hurry (?) or something. Truth be told, I think I was hoping the obvious mistake would be less obvious.
knit hatsNow I’m in the process of accepting the hat with a mistake. Because it still works. It’s warm. It’s cute. It’s doing it’s job all right…
knit hatsIt’s like I have to forgive myself for allowing the mistake to happen. That critic in me can be mean. Real mean. So fine, yeah, whatever, let’s get on with it: Mel, I love you. Mel, I forgive you. Mel, I love you. And breath.

My, my. That’s a damn fine hat.