Do Something Nice Directive


Waking up in a funk. Not feeling your best. Wrong side of the bed. These are things that happen to us.


As human beings our emotions are on a constant swing. We go up up up and we go down down down.


The goal is to create peaks that are less steep and valleys that are not quite so deep. More of a rolling hilly landscape, if you get what I mean.


This means using our awareness to (one) recognize when we might be headed down (zB: waking up and feeling grumpy); (two) having awareness around the emotion (hey! I’m not feeling great…I wonder what that’s about?); and (three) making the decision to do something about it (I can change this (or I can try to change this)!).


And let’s be honest, some days, for whatever reason, it feels good to hang out in the funk. I don’t know, maybe it’s comfortable. What’s important is to recognize that you have the option to pull yourself out.


A simple way to feel better: do something for someone else. Use your thoughtful brain parts and make a gift for someone that you know they’ll love. Doing this or some other act of kindness (sending a card, making a phone call) will help you feel better. In fact, studies show that random acts of kindness can improve happiness. It has been studied!

Theses images you see here are earrings I made for a friend about a month ago. When I look at them i feel good all over again. Give it a try. See how you feel.

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