Back Around Again

It has been a while. A long while. But I have come back around again. Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to while out of sight…
apolarbearhatA hat. Polar bear variety.
acleoflamingoOne of five flamingo costumes.
aethanpaintingA painting of my little brother.
anecklaceA necklace.
anothernecklaceAnd another necklace.
ablanketA baby blanket for a brand new baby.

Talisman |part 2|


Here it is, my talisman necklace.


I created a couple of little pomegranates to place in the back of the necklace, close to the clasp, kind of a little secret just for me.


I had this interesting thought process over the weekend, like I really wanted to do a lot of embellishments (ie: add a lot more time to creating the piece), but I also felt this urgency to get it done and around my neck. I decided to go with the urgency and finish it today.


This is what it all means:

Iron (horseshoe)– life-force/life-force of the Earth

Coal (horseshoe)– good luck, energy, possibility of warmth and fire

Pomegranate– fertility, prosperity, abundance

Sterling silver– reflects away negativity and evil intentions; calming and balancing


To be clear, I’m not creating this talisman and giving it all of my power. I will not forget to wear it one day and fear for my safety. I will not lose it and assume the worst is about to happen. It’s not a superstitious kind of a thing. It’s a reminder. A reminder that I am in charge of my luck and my safety, my prosperity and my balance. It’s something I might see in the mirror and then, remarkably, feel better.

Does that make sense?
You can see where this process started here.


It’s time to make a talisman. What the heck is a talisman? What’s this Talisman Project all about? A talisman is an object that is believed to have special powers or magical abilities. Ever since I fell down the stairs (I’m healing splendidly, by the way), I’ve been thinking about what to do next (how to process the emotions, what to do with some of the symbolism, etc). Today I remembered: talisman! Boom. Let’s go:


This is my process. I like to write down whatever comes to mind; I pulled the imagery from the piece I made the other day, the one I created as a direct response to my fall. Then I like to look at the symbolic meaning behind the imagery with one of my favorite tools, the internet. I googled coal, iron (found out I am a bit anemic the other day), pomegranate, and donkey, to name a few.


I also consider what I want a talisman for. In this case, for a healthy and safe pregnancy, a healthy baby, and overall a feeling of safety. Learning I was a bit iron deficient made big difference in my life in just a couple days. Adding more of the mineral to my diet has given me more energy and taken away the shaky, breathless feeling that I was just attributing to pregnancy. Here’s a list of the things I looked up and their meanings:

Iron: life-force/life-force of the Earth

Coal: good luck, energy, possibility of warmth and fire

Donkey: intelligence, dedication, stubbornness, creative force

Pomegranate: fertility, prosperity, abundance


So check it out: Iron is often represented by a horseshoe, being that they are made of iron. Horseshoes commonly represent good luck. Coal also represents good luck. Donkeys do not commonly wear horseshoes–I’m still working that one into the piece, but I really connect with the stubbornness and creative force. As for the pomegranate, that one just makes me feel warm inside. All of the meanings resonate with me on some level and I feel like that’s what kind of energizes a talisman. We all have pieces of jewelry or other tokens that are meaningful to us. It’s this meaning that gives them their power. Know what I mean?


I’ve begun this piece in sterling silver. Silver because it is what I work with most often and because it’s warm against my skin. Sterling silver is also known for reflecting away negativity and evil intentions as well as being calming and balancing.


And that’s as far as I got today. I’ll allow for the weekend to help bring inspiration to the rest of the piece. Thoughts? Ideas? Want to make your own talisman? Want me to make a talisman for you? These are all possibilities. Please contact me or leave a comment.

What I’m Working On: Metal


I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have myself some creative thinking time. I’m not fully awake, but I love this time for working on ideas–sometimes I ask for inspiration to hit me. It’s fun. And it’s an altered state that allows me to think in a different way.


I often do not remember what it was I was thinking about the next morning, but in the moment I love to do it and it feels more productive than simply cursing my awakeness. The other night it struck me that I should make earrings in a certain hoopy way…and that I should twist the metal to get a cool corkscrew effect.


My corkscrew plan didn’t work out…looks more like a metal origami sculpture gone wrong. That’s okay, something to work on. I wish you could see how cool it looks in my head! I did, however, end up making these:


And I’m delighted. I’ve been thinking of Johnny Depp and pirates ever since! If you’re interested in jewelry therapy contact me and we’ll chat.

What I’m Working On: Earrings


I made these sweet little earrings the other day. Kind of leafy. Kind of springy. I actually got some of that interesting texture in there by hammering 60 grit sandpaper right into the metal.


Did you know that March is craft month? Apparently it is because someone out there said so. Good job, someone. Let’s go make something crafty.