Talisman |part 2|


Here it is, my talisman necklace.


I created a couple of little pomegranates to place in the back of the necklace, close to the clasp, kind of a little secret just for me.


I had this interesting thought process over the weekend, like I really wanted to do a lot of embellishments (ie: add a lot more time to creating the piece), but I also felt this urgency to get it done and around my neck. I decided to go with the urgency and finish it today.


This is what it all means:

Iron (horseshoe)– life-force/life-force of the Earth

Coal (horseshoe)– good luck, energy, possibility of warmth and fire

Pomegranate– fertility, prosperity, abundance

Sterling silver– reflects away negativity and evil intentions; calming and balancing


To be clear, I’m not creating this talisman and giving it all of my power. I will not forget to wear it one day and fear for my safety. I will not lose it and assume the worst is about to happen. It’s not a superstitious kind of a thing. It’s a reminder. A reminder that I am in charge of my luck and my safety, my prosperity and my balance. It’s something I might see in the mirror and then, remarkably, feel better.

Does that make sense?
You can see where this process started here.

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