The Talisman Project


The Talisman Project is an art therapy experience that is based
around the creation of a meaningful piece of jewelry. A talisman is an object that is believed to have special powers or magical abilities. Creating a talisman can bring out your own innate power and magic.

Your piece will be carefully designed and artfully constructed. You will take time to find symbolic meaning in the materials you choose, incorporating personal items such as text, imagery, fabric, etc. You will create an intention for your piece, as simple as love or as specific as healing through the grief and loss of a loved one. The details are yours to choose.

With my guidance you will use basic metalworking techniques like sawing, hammering, and riveting to create your talisman. The love, time, and intention that you put into your piece will infuse it with a magic that is unique to you. The experience is meant to challenge you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. You will learn, grow, and expand through this process.talisman

The Talisman Project will most likely take 6-8 one-hour sessions to complete. Because each individual is unique and because this is a therapeutic process know that it could take more or less time. Contact Melissa about starting your own Talisman Project right away!

Cost: $60 per session plus $100 materials fee

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